What is the Stripscore on Stripchat

What is the Stripscore on Stripchat?

Know what is the Stripscore on Stripchat and how important it is for your broadcast to appear in the top results.

When your Stripchat account is approved to broadcast as a webcam model, the first page that will be displayed when broadcasting will be the “Broadcast Center” page. On this page, you will be shown the progress you have made in completing your “Profile Settings”, your “Broadcast Settings” and other statistical data such as:

  • Promo period
  • StripScore
  • Favourites
  • PVT Show Rating
  • Income Per Hour
  • And your next payment.

This is where we will focus more on the topic of “StripScore”.

What is the Stripscore on Stripchat?

It is a score that the platform assigns to your account depending on the data you have filled in the “Profile Settings”, “Streaming Settings” and other “Factors” that will benefit your StripScore.

What information do I need to fill in the profile settings?

  • Set a “Main photo on your Stripchat profile”. As humans, we like to see the other person’s face to make a connection.
  • Upload a photo or video to your “Profile cover” to attract more attention.
  • Upload at least 5 photos to the “Albums” section of your profile and set some photos as “Public” to get more public attention.
  • Upload at least 1 video to the “Videos” section of your profile, and set some videos to “Public” to let people know more about you.
  • Add at least 4 panels in “My Custom Panels” with pictures of you alone or with some information such as your presentation, measurements, rules, about you, etc.
  • Fill out the “My Information” section of your Stripchat profile to let people know more about you and your likes and dislikes.
  • Set an “Epic Goal” for your users or fans to help you to fulfill it.
  • In the “Messages” option, set the option to “Accept photos from other users” for a certain amount of tokens.
  • Post frequently to your “Feed” so your fans don’t forget you and can ask you for more “Free” or “Paid” photos.

What information do I need to fill in the broadcast settings?

  • Add and configure your public, private and exclusive private shows.
  • Set up a tip menu, add activities and their prices for users to request during your show.
  • Use one or more ChatBots to automatically manage the public chat when you are broadcasting.
  • Enable games to make your shows more fun.
  • Enable recording of shows so users can take home a souvenir of a good private moment.
What is the Stripscore on Stripchat

What increases Stripscore considerably?

  • These are the tokens you earn per hour on a public stream. The more tokens you earn, the more your StripScore will increase and your account will be ranked higher on the site, attracting more users to your room. “Profile settings” and “Streaming settings” also help, but not as much as tokens.

Will my Stripscore increase if I stream on Stripchat without receiving tokens?

  • No.

What can I do to increase my StripScore on Stripchat?

  • Use your creativity to pose, flirt and encourage the user to play with you. Every time you send tokens you should do your part to get the user more excited. Another way to increase your StripScore is to use the tools available on the platform, such as mass messaging, to let users know that you are online. Another idea is to create accounts on popular social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or TikTok to make more users aware of the platforms you are broadcasting on. Finally, you may also find these tips for broadcasting as a webcam model helpful.

What data do I need to fill in to increase my StripScore on Stripchat?

  • This is the data that will increase your StripScore, according to Stripchat:
Your average revenue per hourHighest
Well-described Tip Menu (4 options minimum)High
Broadcast via browser or OBS in 720p or higherHigh
Photo or video on your profile coverMiddle
Public photos (minimum 5)Middle
Public videos (minimum 1)Middle
Complete your profile with 4 customised panels (minimum 4)Middle
Your private show ratingMiddle
Detailed goal in the roomLow
Detailed room topicLow

I hope this guide about what is the Stripscore on Stripchat has been useful. If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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