How to set up Paxum as a payment method on Stripchat

How to set up Paxum as a payment method on Stripchat?

Learn how to set up Paxum as a payment method on Stripchat to receive your earnings automatically and directly to your Paxum account.

Paxum is the preferred platform for webcam models to receive their earnings from most platforms. When the model selects “Paxum” as payment method on all the platforms where she works, the total of her earnings can be withdrawn in just one transfer.

What payment methods does Paxum offer?

Paxum offers 4 types of payment which are:

  • International Bank Transfer
  • EFT Transfer (Local Transfer)
  • Payments to Mastercard credit or debit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies (USDC or USDT)

Which is the most recommended payment method?

From my point of view, the most recommended method of payment is by EFT or local wire transfer, which will deposit the payment into the bank of your choice.

On the other hand, the international wire transfer may charge you commissions for receiving the money from abroad. You should check your bank’s fees because each bank sets its own fees, with some charging less and others more.

What is the requirement to receive payments from Stripchat to Paxum?

  • Have a verified Paxum account

How to set up Paxum as a payment method on Stripchat?

1. Log in to your Stripchat account and go to “Payment Settings” where your tokens are displayed.

Stripchat Payments settings

2. Select “Paxum” as “Payment Method” and fill in the information requested from your Paxum account such as:


  • Payment Method: Paxum
  • Payment currency: US Dollar (USD)
  • Minimum payment: $100 or the amount of your choice

Legal Details

  • Payment Recipient: The Stripchat account holder who must match the Paxum account holder. In case the Stripchat account is a couple’s account, you can select the other person who also has a Paxum account. Both Stripchat and Paxum accounts must match the account holder for the payment to be made.
  • Country of residence: Country where you live.
  • Primary address of residence: Your home address.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN): A Tax Identification Number is used by the IRS in the United States and other tax agencies in the EU for the purpose of taxing individuals and entities according to their respective tax laws.
  • VAT Number: A VAT is a tax on consumable goods and services bought and sold within the European Union.

NOTE: The last 2 options of Tax ID and VAT have been entered into the Stripchat payment method. If you don’t have these data, you can check the box “I don’t have VAT” and/or “I don’t have VAT” which will still be paid to your Paxum account.

Payment Method Details

  • Country of residence: Colombia or country where you live
  • Paxum account email: [Email address you registered with Paxum].
  • Paxum Account Owner: Must match with Paxum and Stripchat account
How to set up Paxum as a payment method on Stripchat

    3. Save the settings and you are done. Stripchat will send your earnings to the Paxum service.

    NOTE: Remember that if you change your payment settings on Monday or Tuesday, the payment will be cancelled and made the following week.

    I hope this guide has helped you to receive your earnings and if you have any doubts do not forget to leave your comment.

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