What are hashtags and how to add on Chaturbate

How to add tags on Chaturbate?

Learn how to add tags on Chaturbate and why they are important to use in your room when you are broadcasting.

How to add tags on Chaturbate?

The tags are specific terms that are accompanied with a “#” that will identify the shows that the model performs in her public or private broadcasts.

For example:

If the model is performing a foot show, she should use the tag:

  • #feet

You can also put other hashtags related to the feet, for example:

  • #FootJob : Means to play the dildo with your feet.
  • #Fetish : In case it excites you to wear heels, stockings, nylon lingerie, etc.
  • #Heels : Wear heels.
  • #Nylon : Wear nylon stockings.
  • #Pantyhose : Wear pantyhose.
  • #Lingerie : Wear sexy lingerie.
  • #Toes : You are able to show your toes.
  • #SuckToes : You are able to suck your toes.

In addition, if the model does other kinds of shows, she can use other hashtags such as:

  • #Anal : It means that the model is obviously willing to do what her name indicates.
  • #BlowJob : Means she sucks the dildo.
  • #DP : Means that she does double penetration.

Among other hashtags such as #Spit, #Saliva, #Latina.

Why are the labels written in English?

As most of the users that connect to the Chaturbate platform are from different countries and in different languages, it is recommended to write the hashtags in the international language, which is English.

How to add hashtags for my Chaturbate room?

1. On the model’s broadcast page, there is a title that you will find just above your webcam. To change it, simply click on the title.

hashtags on Chaturbate broadcast

2. You will notice that the text changes to an editable state to add the hashtags and text you want. When you have finished adding the 5 hashtags and text, click on “Submit”.

How to add tags on Chaturbate

3. Now, you will notice that the hashtags and text have been saved in the title of your broadcast.

Tags saved on Chaturbate

Are the hashtags of any use?

Yes, your room will appear in the Chaturbate tag search engine which can help you generate traffic. Many times, users go to this page to find models according to the show or fetish they are looking for.

search page by hashtags tags on Chaturbate

Please, note that Chaturbate only allows a maximum of 5 hashtags

Previously, you could add as many hashtags as you could reach in the state. However, since January 2020, the platform is only allowed a maximum of up to 5 hashtags.

Only 5 hashtags or tags on Chaturbate state

When Chaturbate detects the first 5 hashtags, these hashtags will appear blue, which means that your room will appear in the search engine with these hashtags . If you add more hashtags, they will be shown in red and your room will not appear in the Chaturbate tag search engine.

hashtags on Chaturbate Chat

Why are the labels changed every time tokens are sent to me?

This is because an application or bot that you are running has an option to set the hashtags. If you are going to use this application or bot mostly, I recommend setting the labels from the application or bot options. If you have problems, ask your monitor to change the hashtags to your liking.

I hope you have used this help to improve your room and generate more traffic. If you have any doubt, you can leave a comment.

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