En este mundo de modelos WebCam encontramos usuarios con gustos y fetiches de todo tipo, desde la desnudez como arte hasta los shows más extremos.

People’s tastes and fetishes

In the world of webcam models, we find users with different tastes and fetishes, from nudity as art, to the most extreme shows.

Users who enter webcam model sites are amazed to see so many beautiful women. They are free to choose the model of their choice to satisfy their fantasies in a public or private show. Of course, both parties have to agree on the price of tokens per minute and extra tokens for a special show. These special shows can be anal, squirt, ass to mouth or whatever the user requests, as long as the model is willing for these shows.

People’s tastes and fetishes

These are some of the tastes and fetishes that a user can propose to a webcam model:

Talk in private

Have all the attention of the model to have a nice conversation about different topics, even the user can suggest a recommendation for the model’s show to the rest of the users.


A user can propose a dance with an elegant dress or dance naked for him. The user will choose the song and will want a show of how the model performs with a sensual dance.

Fetish show

There are users who get tired of seeing so much oral, vaginal, anal sex and want to experience new forms of pleasure. They want to be excited by beautiful feet, hair like silk, toenails or fingernails, daring lingerie, pantyhose, high heels, a costume or outfit like a secretary, maid, nurse, police, cosplay, etc.

Pantyhose ripping

Some users enjoy it when a model in pantyhose rips their pantyhose. The user may also ask them to bring a thread and needle to sew up certain torn parts. In this show, the user will have to bear the cost of the equivalent pantyhose in tokens.

Mother’s milk

While other users get off on seeing models being able to pump and express as much milk as possible from their breasts.

Oral show with messy sppit

A user may propose to the model to do a deep throat show with plenty of saliva on the face.

Domination and humiliation

Who will play the master or slave, the model or the user? A character who takes pleasure in giving orders as a dominatrix or being humiliated as a slave.

Squirt show

The most popular request for a webcam model. The user wants to see the model explode with pleasure and release that spurt called female ejaculation.

Anal show

Users will imagine how their penis is squeezed by the anus of a woman who excites them so much.

Rude vocabulary

Calling the model with foul language while she is in the middle of the show. This language is accepted by the model in the chat with a tip on the note. It is also acceptable to swear if the user takes it to a private show.

Dirty Show

A show that consists of watching the model puke, pee, poo or defecate. This type of show is against the rules of all platforms, but some models risk doing this type of show. You should know that if you do this type of show, the platform will warn you not to do this type of show. If the model insists with this type of shows called dirty, the platform will take the decision to ban your account permanently and without the possibility to recover.

Maybe there are other types of shows I forgot to mention, but there is a variety of tastes and fetishes, if you know of one I didn’t mention, you can leave a comment.

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