How to convert tokens to cash on Chaturbate

How to convert tokens to cash on Chaturbate?

Learn how to convert tokens to cash on Chaturbate and generate a payment to withdraw earnings to a virtual wallet or bank account.

If you have already reached the amount of 1000 tokens or the equivalent of 50 dollars on Chaturbate, you have the option to withdraw your earnings to a virtual wallet such as Paxum, CosmoPayment, ePayService or directly to a bank account. However, depending on the fees that may be charged by the platform or your bank, it is preferable to choose the appropriate payment method so that your earnings are not affected. I always recommend using Paxum, which charges less commission and allows you to withdraw your money to a bank account. If you want more information about payment methods and commissions, go to this link.

Requirements to convert tokens to cash

How to convert tokens to cash on Chaturbate?

1. Verify that the amount of tokens is 1000 or more in your Chaturbate account.

Chaturbate - Tokens earned

2. In case your account has 1000 tokens or more, go to the “My Profile” option. You can also do it by clicking on “Broadcast Yourself”.

Chaturbate - My Profile
Method 1: Click on “My profile”.
Chaturbate - Broadcast Yourself
Method 2: Click on “Broadcast Yourself”.

3. Finally, you will need to click on the tab called “Token stats” and then click on the option that says “Transfer tokens to cash”.

How to convert tokens to cash on Chaturbate

Up to what date do I have time to make a request for a payment?

You will have a seat until the 15th and the 30th of each month. After that, you will have to wait for the next two weeks to collect your earnings.

I don’t recommend using daily payment if you don’t want Chaturbate to deduct a daily commission. Unless you are a studio that generates large amounts of money.

I hope this guide has helped you and if you have any other questions don’t forget to leave a comment.

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