US Independence Day 2024 on Stripchat

US Independence Day 2024 contest on Stripchat

The US Independence Day 2024 is coming up this 4th of July and Stripchat has 2 contests for all models.

It may be an event that not all models will be willing to do, unless you are an expert in this type of contest. These are 2 contests where the speciality is to eat hot dogs:

  • Try to find the model who can eat the most hot dogs in less than 2 minutes.
  • Make a deep throat with a long hot dog shaped object.

If you’re a glutton, love hot dogs and don’t care about your figure, then the competition to eat as many hot dogs as possible in less than 2 minutes is for you.

If you are a deep throat expert, the long object competition is probably for you too.

How to participate?

  1. Upload your video entries to X.
  2. One option is to record a 2-minute video eating as many hot-dogs in the allotted time. The second option is to record yourself in a 2-minute video giving the most extended (duration) deep throat video with any hot dog-shaped item (not less than 19 cm long).
  3. Mention @stripchat, Add the link to your profile and use the hashtags #HDBJ2024 & #4thjuly

There is no limit to the number of videos that can be entered into the competitions.

What is the prize for the competition?

  • Stripchat will award two lucky winners with 25,000 tokens each.

When can I participate in the competition?

  • Videos posted between 2 July 09:00 UTC and 5 July 09:00 UTC will be eligible.

The winners

  • The winners will be announced on 9 July.

Good luck to all the models who want to take part in this Stripchat contest and the US Independence Day 2024 to win the grand prize.

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