Chaturbate Rules

Chaturbate rules for users and models

Learn about the Chaturbate rules that every webcam model should know before broadcasting and avoid getting banned.

When a model registers, the platform provides a set of terms, conditions and Chaturbate rules that the model or user must follow. If the terms, conditions and rules are not followed, the platform may temporarily or permanently ban the account of the user, model or even the studio if involved.

NOTE: Chaturbate may add new rules from time to time or make changes to some of its rules. Webcam Modeling will try to constantly check the Chaturbate rules to see what changes have been made.

Chaturbate Terms and Conditions

The first thing that chaturbate mentions to all “Community Members”, which refers to users and models, are their conditions on:

  • The platform (Use and access only for adults)
  • Account
  • Licence for access to the platform
  • Invoicing
  • Content
  • Private and public information
  • Privacy rights
  • Account termination
  • Code of Conduct
  • Other

But we will focus more on “Appendix C” which deals with the code of conduct for users and models.

User Conduct

You agree that you will comply with the following:

  1. You will follow all applicable laws when using the Platform and will not use the Platform for any unlawful purpose. This includes without limitation, any use that would subject us to criminal or civil liability.
  2. You will not allow anyone to have access to your username or password and will maintain the safety and security of your login information to prevent any unauthorized access. You will not attempt to, or actually use, any other Community Member’s Account. You may not transfer your Account(s) to any other person.
  4. You agree to keep all information contained on or provided through the Platform as private and confidential and agree not give such information to anyone without the permission of the person who provided it to you.
  5. You will not record or otherwise capture any of the content shared and/or streamed by any other user of the Platform for any reason.
  6. You will not use the Platform to infringe on any privacy right, property right, or other civil right of any person. Similarly, you will not use the Platform to illegally obtain, create or distribute unlawful copies of copyrighted material. This includes without limitation the posting or requesting of materials that either you or the party you are requesting them from, do not have any legal right to obtain.
  7. You will not use the Platform to publish or forward any chain letters, advertisements, spam, or any similar commercial message. You will not send unsolicited communications to any Community Member except as part of the normal chat service.
  8. You will not take any action to mask your identity such as using fake or doctored profile information, faked headers or other mechanisms used to conceal the source of any communication.
  9. You will not appear in service uniforms including, by way of example only, military uniforms or religious attire.
  10. You will not use any automated (or semi-automated) means to unfairly enhance an account; such as creating a false impression of traffic to any chatroom, or artificially increasing follower count.
  11. You will not create additional accounts in an attempt to circumvent a ban by us or another Community Member.
  12. You will not use the Platform to send or request any obscene materials, including without limitation, child pornography and any materials offensive to a person’s dignity. You will not allow any person below the Age of Majority to appear in any “Community Member Content” or allow any such person to access or use the Platform.
  13. You will not use the Platform to obtain personal data or usage information, either by manual or automated means, and regardless of whether or not such data is aggregated and anonymized or identifiable. You may not use automated tools to collect data such as robots, crawlers or other data mining tools.
  14. You will not attempt to defeat any security features of the site or reverse engineer any code or content. You will also not post any links to third party site, or introduce in any way to the Platform, any malicious code.
  15. You will only use the Platform for your personal enjoyment. You will not commercially exploit, otherwise sell, reproduce in any manner, or link to (including framing the site in any other website or content regardless of whether proper attribution is given) any “Community Member Content”, communication made within the Platform or any portion of the Platform.
  16. You will not take any actions which in and of themselves, or together with other actions would directly or indirectly violate our Privacy Policy.
  17. You will not reveal any personally identifiable information about any Community Member or request any such information.
  18. You will not use the Platform to offer, discuss or arrange for prostitution, escort services or any other type of compensation for meeting type arrangement.
  19. Independent Broadcasters may exchange information with Community Members, including contact information, but Independent Broadcasters MAY NOT use Community Members’ information to provide webcam shows or receive payments outside of the Platform. If an Independent Broadcaster sells something to a Community Member (such as the Independent Broadcaster’s underwear) or enters into any other transaction with a Community Member, the sale must be completed in exchange for tokens.
  20. You will not advertise commercial websites that offer live webcam streams, under any circumstances; but Community Members are allowed to mention their own personal profiles, homepages and wish lists.
  21. You will not make any statements, written or verbal, or cause or encourage others to make any statements, written or verbal, which defame, disparage, or in any way criticize the Platform or the Company.

Rules for Community Member Content

The Platform maintains basic rules with respect to Community Member Content. All Community Members are required to adhere to these rules. The following acts/content are strictly prohibited, and no Community Member may post or broadcast these on the Platform or solicit any other Community Member to post or broadcast the same.

  1. Obscenity. For the purpose of this provision, obscene materials include without limitation any actual or simulated scatological, rape, incestual (and depictions of incest), child pornography (or any depiction of child pornography), bestiality, and other actions or materials which may be deemed obscene or illegal in your community.
  2. Depictions of actual or simulated illegal and unsafe actions, including violence, blood, torture, pain, erotic asphyxiation, fisting, rape themes, or any actions associated with causing physical or emotional harm. Illegal drugs (or drugs that may be perceived as illegal in certain locations, such as medicinal marijuana) are strictly prohibited.
  3. Overly large sex toys or animal-shaped sex toys may not be used on camera, and objects may not be used as sex toys unless they are normally marketed and sold for that purpose. Email for authorization and provide a detailed proposal to incorporate any type of mechanical device, tool, “sex machine” or other unusual equipment into your performance (whether controlled by you or controlled remotely by Community Members). We may require you to sign a waiver and release of liability in order to use certain devices on the Platform, and any authorization or permission we give to you may be revoked by us at any time and for any reason, without notice, in our sole and absolute discretion.
  4. Child pornography and depictions of minors (actual or simulated) on the Platform and in any Community Member Content are strictly prohibited. There can be no actual or simulated minors, children, babies or unauthorized persons on camera or in the same room. This limitation includes, by way of example only, the offering, role play, and/or discussion of minors. In the event of a breach of this rule, we will immediately report you to NCMEC and any and all law enforcement that we consider appropriate in our sole and absolute discretion.
  5. Performing while intoxicated, whether from alcohol or drugs (prescription, legal or illegal), is strictly prohibited.
  6. Offensive and/or degrading conduct such as the use of degrading or verbally abusive dialog or offensive roleplay such as ethnic or racial roleplay.
  7. Sleeping on camera (whether real or acting/pretending) is not permitted.
  8. Independent Broadcasters may not broadcast from any public place, or from a studio or set that creates the impression that the Independent Broadcaster is in a public place. Independent Broadcasters may not broadcast outdoors unless they are on private property with the owner’s consent, and in an area not visible from the neighboring property.
  9. Live streaming or broadcasting recorded content (or any other type of non-interactive content) is not permitted. You may only share recorded video through your bio/profile page. Independent Broadcasters may, upon concept review by our support team, utilize cartoons, avatars, and other interactive digitally created images provided that such cartoons, avatars, or images comply with this Code of Conduct as well as the Terms.
  10. Community Members may not broadcast, upload, or offer any content referencing or depicting menstruation, vomit, feces or urine.
  11. Community Members may not broadcast, upload, or offer any content referencing or depicting “bukkake” or “goatse”.

And this would be all about Chaturbate rules. In case you want to see the full Chaturbate rules, you can go to the Chaturbate platform page by clicking here.

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