How to broadcast on Stripchat?

How to broadcast on Stripchat?

Learn how to stream on Stripchat to start earning tokens for your public show, private show and other ways this site offers.

Stripchat gives you the opportunity to earn money with your account. However, you should know that there are 3 types of accounts:

  • User account: You will be able to buy and recharge tokens to send to models.
  • Model account: Allows you to broadcast live and receive tokens from users.
  • Studio account: For companies who want to manage their models and earnings.

In this guide, we are only going to focus on creating a model (freelance) account to start earning money. However, if you have a user account and you want to convert this account into a model account, this will not be possible. To do so, you will need to create a separate new account to broadcast as a model.

With a model account, you will have the possibility to earn tokens in the following way:

  • Online tokens for your public show
  • Tokens when you are offline
  • By setting a goal or objective
  • For your private shows
  • For your exclusive shows
  • Recordings of private shows
  • Group shows
  • Ticketed shows
  • Cam2Cam
  • Contest every 3 hours
  • Monthly contest
  • Sale of content
  • Connection with interactive toys
  • Fan club
  • Referral programme

If you don’t have a model account yet, register by clicking on the button below.

NOTE: I recommend logging out of Stripchat if you have a user account to seamlessly create a model account on Stripchat.

In case you need help in registering or creating a webcam model account on Stripchat, go to this link How to create a model account on Stripchat?

How to broadcast on Stripchat?

You can broadcast on Stripchat from:

  • Web browser
  • OBS or third party application

Web browser

You can broadcast from an up-to-date web browser of your choice like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc. The only disadvantage of streaming from a web browser is that the maximum streaming resolution is 720p or HD. The steps to stream are as follows:

1. Press the green button that says “Broadcast Center”.

Stripchat - Broadcast center button

2. A page with news dedicated to models. Just go to the bottom of the page to find another green button that says “Start live broadcast”.

Stripchat - Set up broadcast

3. Finally press the green button that says “Start show” and that’s it. Your show is now public for the users.

Stripchat - Start show from web browser

Streaming from OBS or third-party application

The advantage of streaming from a third party application like OBS is that it will offer your users a much better quality to watch you in Full HD or 4K. All you need to do is repeat the above steps, but in step 3 you will need to do the following:

1. Instead of pressing the “Start Show” button, you should select the option “Switch to External Broadcast Software (OBS)”.

How to stream on stripchat with obs

2. It will be displayed and you will need to click on the button that says “Show live streaming specifications with OBS”.

Stripchat - Show OBS broadcasting specification

3. You will be prompted to copy the “RTMP” Server and “Broadcast Key” data and paste these values into OBS or a third party program of your choice.

RTMP and key to broadcast on Stripchat with OBS

4. Open the OBS programme, go to “Settings” – “Broadcast”. In service select “Custom” and paste the server “RTMP” and “Broadcast key”.

Stripchat - Put RTMP and key on OBS to broadcast

5. Finally, if you want to broadcast on Stripchat, in OBS you must click on the “Start broadcast” button.

Start broadcasting on OBS

I recommend having a modern camera to broadcast in HD (1280×720) or Full HD (1920×1080) resolution so that your users can enjoy your show more clearly.

I hope this guide on how to broadcast on Stripchat as a webcam model has helped you. If you want to learn more about Stripchat don’t forget to visit the guide. If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave a comment.

Not yet a webcam model on Stripchat?

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